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1. Jinan Zhengmai Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd provides one-stop services including project consultation, benefit analysis, equipment specifications, plant graphic design, plane layout for hotels and production sites, equipment design, manufacturing, installation, debugging, training and so on for free, and implements turnkey project.

2. Professional engineers of Jinan Zhengmai Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd install and debug equipment for you for free, and personally train brewers to make qualified beer for you. Meanwhile, they carry out detailed explanation and professional training about operating principles, operating instructions and maintenance modes for production personnel to enable them to independently operate and brew beer basically within 20 days, train qualified brewers for customers, pass on various beer brewing processes, and provide customers with upgrading services of beer brewing technologies irregularly, relieving your worries.

3. We provide high-quality beer production raw materials, imported and domestic barley malts, domestic wheat malts, imported and domestic burnt malts and black malts, various domestic and imported bitter and fragrant beer hop pellets, yeast and various additives for a long term.

4. Client File Management: Jinan Zhengmai Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd carries out system management on customers, and provides customers with rapid information and quality tracking services at any time.

5. Jinan Zhengmai Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd supplies free life-time maintenance service: production equipment has a three-year warranty free of charge; externally purchased auxiliary machines and accessories have a one-year warranty free of charge. Please consult us at any time in case of any equipment and technical problems in the actual production process. We have put 24h after-sales service telephone lines into operation.